Egg Laying Dildos: What are They?

If you are looking for an out-of-this-world then you have come to the right place. Introducing: egg laying dildos, the erotic world's newest extraterrestrial invention! You might be scratching your head, wondering if you're on the verge of uncovering some top-secret government experiment gone awry but fear not! Egg laying dildos are nothing to be afraid of and can take your naughtiness to new galaxies.

So join us on an intergalactic mission to learn everything you need to know about egg laying dildos. 

What are Egg Laying Dildos?

Egg laying dildos, also known as ovipositors, are dildos that are designed to simulate the sensation of being impregnated by an alien creature. In essence, they work by inserting gelatinous eggs into your orifice of choice after delivering all the usual dildo dalliance. This makes egg laying dildo the perfect sex toys for a whole host of alien roleplay romping.

black ovipositor dildos

A Design Fit for the Cosmos

It is not just the egg laying capabilities that make ovipositors stand out from your average sex toys, but their distinctive and imaginative designs too. Typically crafted to resemble a tentacle or an alien appendage, egg laying dildos are designed to fuel fantasies and spark your naughty imagination. They come in various shapes, sizes and colours, so you can be sure to find one that suits your extraterrestrial preferences and collect a whole set for a rainbow of randiness.

Despite their out-of-this-world appearance, egg laying dildos are made from human-body-safe materials such as silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). These materials are not only phthalate-free and hypoallergenic but also easy to clean and maintain. 

The Eggs: The Stars of the Show

The true stars of the ovipositor experience are, of course, the alien eggs. Made from gelatin or other dissolvable materials, these eggs are designed to melt away with body heat, leaving nothing behind but your satisfied grin. They come in various sizes and consistencies, allowing you to choose the perfect egg for your intergalactic adventures. You can even find flavoured eggs for an even more fragrant experience. Just remember, earthling, the eggs are not for consumption!

How to Use an Egg Laying Dildo: A Crash Course in Intergalactic Love

To begin your foray into the realm of ovipositors, you will first need to prepare your eggs. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and you'll soon have a clutch of slimy orbs ready for action. Next, slide the eggs into the ovipositor's shaft.

Now that your ovipositor is locked and loaded, the fun can begin. As you insert the ovipositor into your desired orifice (using a water-based lubricant for a smooth and enjoyable insertion), you'll start to feel the eggs sliding out and filling you up like an alien encounter in the comfort of your own home.

Fantasy Roleplay Suggestions for Your Ovipositor Adventure

Ready to take your egg laying dildo experience to new heights? 

Here are some seriously sexy fantasy roleplay ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Alien Abduction

Embrace the classic trope of alien encounters and let yourself be "abducted" by an extraterrestrial creature with an ovipositor, ready to use you for its breeding purposes.

Tantric Tentacle Monster 

Unleash your inner hentai fan and roleplay being captured and pleasured by a tentacle monster until it deposits its eggs inside you.

The Forbidden Experiment

Imagine you're a scientist who's discovered a new creature and is attacked and penetrated with its egg-laying appendage in the depths of your secret laboratory.

Kraken Copulation

Explore the depths of the ocean, where you encounter a mysterious sea creature that uses its ovipositor to inseminate you with its eggs in its dark, wet cave.

The Hive 

Pretend you're an explorer who stumbles upon an insectoid hive, where the queen takes a liking to you and decides to plant her eggs inside you.

A Supernatural Encounter 

Play out a paranormal fantasy where you're visited by a ghostly or demonic entity whose ovipositor haunts you into horniness.

Time Traveler's Delight

Imagine you're a time traveller who's landed in a future where humans mate with aliens for survival – and you're about to experience the egg-laying phenomenon firsthand.

Final Thoughts

Egg laying dildos are more than just novelty sex toys – they are a one-way ticket to a whole new world of sensual exploration and alien penetration. With their unique designs, intriguing functionalities and out-of-this-world roleplay potential, ovipositors are here to add a dash of interstellar excitement to your sex life. So, strap in, lube up and get ready to blast off into the cosmos with your very own egg laying dildo. There is a whole universe to be explored and it's full of filthy pleasure!