Collection: Cum Lube

Are you ready to get slippery and slide into pleasure town? Then look no further than cum lube! This unique lubricant is not just for the dirty-minded, it's for anyone who wants to add a little frictionless fun to their sex life and get downright wet and sticky.

So, what exactly is cum lube? 

Cum lube is a specially designed lubricant that mimics the look and texture of, you guessed it, cum! It’s completely safe and non-toxic and made only from ingredients that won't irritate your skin. It can be used with sex toys, to make penetration more comfortable and enjoyable and even for body massages (at least, that’s what you can tell guests who find it in your house.)

Whether you’re into solo play or partnered sex, cum lube can enhance your experience. It can add a whole new level of realism to your playtime and is great for roleplaying and fulfilling your naughty fantasies (without the worry of a bun in the oven!)

The great thing about cum lube is that it can be used by anyone and everyone! It’s a great option for people who want to add a little extra fun to their sex life, regardless of gender or sexual orientation and is perfect for sex and dildo play and for solo and partner naughtiness! 

Speaking of dildos, cum lube is perfect for squirting dildo play! These dildos have a hollow space inside that can be filled with liquid and when you squeeze the pump, the liquid shoots out like a real money shot. Cum lube is ideal for this because it provides ultra-realistic facials, creampies and body shots!

So what are you waiting for? Cum lube is safe, easy to use and can enhance every aspect of your sex life. Whether you’re playing solo or getting frisky with your partner, cum lube will soon become your new best friend!